Nutara has been awarded a basic design contract by WOOD South Africa to develop and design an efficient flue gas abatement plant for two existing multiple hearth furnaces (MHF). Nutara developed a unique and integrated solution to provide a reliable and energy efficient combustion process of contaminated flue gas coming from the MHF’s. Nutara’s proprietary Tulip Vortex Venturi Burner with Combustion Chamber is used to eliminate organic dust, VOC’s and CO that originate from the MHF sludge incineration and drying process. Combustion air is preheated by the clean flue gases in order to eliminate the need for support fuel. A dry scrubbing process in combination with an SCR deNOx unit ensures that the most stringent emission limits are met. The plant has a capacity of 30 MW and treats 40 TPH of waste gas and 4 TPH of high organic liquid waste.

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