Multifuel and Flexifuel TV² Burners


Since 1999, Nutara has been developing combustion systems for unconventional fuels such as fuel gas, CO, hydrogen, rich and lean waste gases, low and high calorific waste liquids, effluents and suspension’s. During these 15 years Nutara has installed more than 200 burner systems for the safe and efficient combusting of over 500 different chemical substances and fuels.

Based on this unique experience and expertise, Nutara has developed a comprehensive range of burners with a focus on the combustion of unconventional fuels or fuel mixtures:

  • Axial and Radial MultiFuel burners for gaseous and/or liquid fuels
  • Ultra-low NOx MultiFuel Tulip Vortex Burners for gaseous and/or liquid fuels
  • Forced Draft Tulip Vortex Burners for lean and rich waste gas
  • Natural Draft Venturi Flame Holder burners for lean and rich waste gas

Gaseous fuels typically include high calorific waste gas, CO, hydrogen, fuel gas with varying compositions, natural gas, etc. Liquid fuels typically include fuel oil, spent solvents, waste oil, etc. Multifuel and Flexifuel Ultra-low NOx TV² burners can be equipped with injection lances equipped with internal mixing or external mixing injection nozzles for the combustion of liquid fuels, waste liquids and suspensions.

Key advantages

  • Stable combustion of waste products and fuels with varying compositions
  • High turn-down ratio
  • Low CO emissions
  • Low NOx emissions
  • Robust design without moving parts for reliable operation
  • Low maintenance requirements

Most Nutara burners do not require a pre-combustion chamber or a secondary air injection chamber. This results in a shorter and hence more competitive overall combustion chamber design. Burner designs with pre-combustion chamber’s can also be furnished for specific applications.

Nutara burners


  • EP-MFB-A-L/G - Axial MultiFuel burner for liquids and gases
  • EP-MFB-R-L/G - Radial MultiFuel burner for liquids and gases
  • EP-ULN-TV-L/G - Ultra-low NOx, MultiFuel Tulip Vortex burner
  • EP-FD-LG/RG - Forced draft, lean and rich waste gas
  • EP-ND-LG/RG - Natural draft, lean and rich waste gas
  • EP-TV - Tulip Vortex burner
  • EP-VFH - Venturi Flame Holder burnerEP-FG - Low NOx fuel gas burner

Nutara Tulip Vortex Burner

The Tulip Vortex burner was developed specifically for (temperature controlled) combustors for the treatment of lean waste gases and vapours. It employs the same design philosophy as the Ultra-low NOx Tulip Vortex burners but is designed for the combustion of lean waste gases, whilst minimizing support fuel requirements. The burner creates an intense gas recirculation zone near the burner to ensure that waste gas, flue gas and combustion air are mixed. The resulting moderate flame temperature minimizes NOx formation. The homogeneous temperature profile and swirl result in complete oxidation and low CO emissions.

Nutara Natural Draft and Forced Draft Burners

A robust, low pressure drop burner design, used for burning waste gas and/or gaseous fuel in vertical combustors and thermal oxidisers. They can be installed as a single burner or used in a system as a central burner with additional satellite burners.

Nutara Venturi Flame Holder Burner

This Burner design is for use in forced draft or natural draft vertical combustors and thermal oxidisers and has a high turn-down capability. The venturi flame holder ensures that the flame remains stable under varying load conditions. The flame holder design ensures a stable gas flow around the flame and also controls the split between combustion air and cooling air in the vicinity of the burner head.

Fuel Skids

Nutara supplies skid mounted control skid for all types of fuels and waste streams, either in combination with the burner system or as stand alone items. Skids can be supplied in accordance with national and international norms and standards. One specialty of Nutara is the design and fabrication of ATEX zone 0 skids for the collection and transport of explosive vapours.

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