Ground Flares

Temperature Controlled Enclosed Ground Flares

Enclosed ground flares are suitable for thermal destruction of a wide range of waste gases including rich and lean gas mixtures. Where the burners are housed in a cylindrical vessel resulting in the combustion process being out of sight and more controllable in comparison to elevated flares.

Enclosed ground flares can also be designed with or without temperature control. With temperature control, a minimum residence time, at a specific combustion temperature can be set and guaranteed. Consequently, temperature controlled ground flares, also called combustors or thermal oxidisers, can meet the most stringent emission values. The emissions can be monitored with chemical emission monitoring (CEM) units.


  • No visible flame and reduced visibility of the installation due to lower stack Heights
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Minimal heat radiation
  • Possibility for emissions sampling
  • High destruction efficiencies and smokeless operation


  • Tank farms and ship loading terminals
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Food processing industry
  • Waste management plants


  • Can be equipped with Nutara’s proprietary Tulip Venturi Burner for the combustion of lean waste gases or with multiple burners designed for the flaring of large capacities (modulated flaring is possible)
  • Operating at varying temperatures depending on the load of the ground flare
  • Smokeless operation and high destruction efficiency by ensuring some turbulence around the flame and sufficient residence time at elevated temperatures
  • Simple control system, because the combustion temperature is allowed to fluctuate
  • Provisions for support fuel in cases of combustion of lean waste gases or cooling air in cases of rich waste gas combustion
  • Can be supplied as natural draft or forced draft system
  • Can be supplied with or without temperature control

Ground Flare Models

Ground flares can be either natural draft or forced draft, with or without temperature control and can be equipped with a single burner or with multiple burner arrangements:

  • EP-MBGF - Multi Burner Ground Flare 
  • EP-EGF - Enclosed Ground Flare
  • EP-TCGF - Temperature Controlled Ground Flare
  • EP-BPF - Burn Pit Flare
  • EP-NDC - Natural Draft Combustor
  • EP-FDC - Forced Draft Combustor

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