“environmental payback projects”

Nutara is a leading supplier of Environmental Payback Projects. Our Technologies and Processes transform an environmental problem into a revenue stream for our clients. Since its foundation, Nutara has consistently been at the forefront of technological innovation and today we offer Best Available Technologies to provide sustainable, reliable, flexible and robust solutions for

  • Energy production using industrial effluents, waste streams and by-products
    • Advanced multifuel/flexifuel low NOx burners
    • Thermal oxidisers and incinerators including redu-reox systems, High Intensity Incinerators, tailgas incinerators for SRU’s, Recuperative thermal oxidisers, Ledenox incinerators, fluidized bed and rotary kiln furnaces
    • Heat recovery boilers and heaters including flame tube boilers, water tube boilers, thermal oil heat exchangers, bath heaters and tube and shell heat exchangers
    • Direct fired heaters and boilers
  • Product recovery
    • Vapour recovery units (VRU) using adsorption and/or condensation technology
    • Flare gas recovery (FGRU)
    • Sulphur recovery units (SRU) including main reactor burner, main thermal reactor and tail gas incinerator w/wo waste heat recovery boiler
  • Safety and environmental protection
    • ATEX zone 0 vapour extraction and treatment systems
    • Flare systems including elevated flares, air, gas or steam assisted flares, ground flares, enclosed ground flares, temperature controlled ground flares
    • deNOx and flue gas cleaning systems

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